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Digital product passport

With Pepadocs, you can easily create, modify and populate your product passports.

Have a simple interface for your company, connected to the central GS1 database.


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The Digital Product Passport (DPP)

  • was initiated as part of the EU's Green Deal to promote a sustainable and circular economy.

  • It seeks to replace the linear economic model with one that promotes recycling, repair and reuse.

  • It provides a digital product sheet detailing the origin, composition, repairability and recycling options of products.

  • It facilitates the sharing of information along the value chain between producers, distributors, recyclers and consumers.

  • It applies to almost all physical goods marketed in the EU, with a focus on electronic products, batteries, textiles and construction.

Pepadocs et le GS1

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  • We work with the GS1 ecosystem to standardize and implement DPP.

  • We use recognized GS1 standards to guarantee interoperability and compliance with international regulations.

Are you the secretary?

  • Pepadocs is a cloud-based platform for creating documents, reports and digital passports.

  • You and your teams can use a web interface or mobile application to create, modify or update your digital product passports.

  • Each Pepadocs digital passport is connected to the central GS1 database, guaranteeing a functional link throughout the product's life.

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