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Integrate Pepadocs

Thanks to Zapier and the various APIs on offer, you can integrate pepadocs into your various processes, software and ERP systems.

Connectors: Pepadocs integrates easily with Zapier, so in just a few clicks you can start automating your processes without having to code.

API: create, manage, modify and classify reports using our APIs. You'll find all the documentation you need once you've created your account.

ERP integration: integrate Pepadocs directly into your ERP with our javascript SDK. No need to connect to pepadocs to manage your reports.

Odoo: Pepadocs also features an Odoo application, enabling you to integrate the platform directly into your environment. Everything is automatically managed.

Connect your reports and databases to over 6,000 services with Zapier!

  • Pepadocs is compatible with Zapier! Discover the Zaps

  • To use Zapier, you need the appropriate price plan and a Zapier account.

  • To start the connection, go to your Management Panel, under "Connectors".

  • You can then create your API key and enter it into Zapier

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We offer several templates for Zapier. For example, you can connect your Firmao, Google, Trello, Slack, etc. account directly with Pepadocs via Zapier.

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API Pepadocs

APIs enable you to manage your document templates, reports, databases and pepadocs accounts directly from your own solution. Find out how to integrate them by logging in, then going to your administration panel.


Thanks to our Odoo application, Pepadocs integrates directly into your Odoo environment.

  • Create reports from Odoo

  • Manage, classify and modify your reports from Odoo

  • Connect your different Odoo interfaces with Pepadocs and manage Pepadocs without leaving your environment.hours, from 5.15 p.m. - 9 p.m.


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