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Create an internal space for your team! This space is yours, you configure it as you wish!

Integrate your procedures and share them internally. Your team can consult these informations at any time.

Integrate third-party tools, manage your documents and pages from one place.

Share access with the people you want, restrict access, create forums and more.

Your internal space, available on the web, on the application, with or without internet connection, and from anywhere in the world!

What is a team workspace ?

A workspace pepadocs    is created for each new project, it allows, among other things, to separate the different entities you manage, separate teams, report templates, content and procedures.

Each workspace can be managed independently and customized with its own logo, colors, url and much more.

On the application, as on the web, each workspace is a mini-platform in itself, with its own url and mini-App, its own information and document templates, but above all its own pages and personalized content for your customers or your team.

How does it work ?

A workspace pepadocs     allows you to create different types of access and share them with your team. They can then access all your documents from the application, the web or your website.

Allow your secretary to manage and file your field team's documents as soon as they have sent their reports. Your secretary can also do advanced searches, or share your reports and invoices with your clients.

Keep an eye on your workspace at all times, even from home, on the reports you have made, modified or shared. A workspace, accessible from anywhere.

Try pepadocs for free !

And that for 50 days !


No Commitment

No credit card

No Hidden Fees


Your success, our priority

Focus on your goals, we focus on your solutions. Our team will propose the most advantageous solutions adapted to your needs. Let's go beyond creating your reports. Our consulting services also allow you to discover other tools that could save you precious time! And this at an attractive price!

How does our corporate service work?

Our team is curious to learn more about your business! We put our heart into meeting you and building your future solutions. Our enterprise service is there whenever you have a doubt about the configuration to be done, the options available or the personalization to bring to our services, by email for free, or face to face online via dedicated sessions.


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