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Are you the boss?

  • Manage partners and team access.
  • Create as many document templates as you want.
  • For each template, create different types of customer reports.
  • Integrate your resources on your team space.
  • Create a mobile application for your team.
  • Automate or customize the platform as desired.
  • View global statistics and information.
  • All without touching a single piece of code!

Are you a project leader or manager?

  • Manage or sort reports according to your criteria.

  • Modify or complete the reports made.

  • Send or export reports in the desired format.

  • Add options or modify report templates.

  • Add or modify content in the collaborator space.

  • View your team's statistics or information.

Are you the secretary?

  • Follow live the interventions of your colleagues.

  • View the totals of each report.

  • See the global totals.

  • Export different versions of the same report.

  • Search for reports based on advanced criteria.

Are you an intervention technician?

    • Complete your reports even without internet connection.

    • Do not miss any fields thanks to the mandatory fields.

    • Pre-fill your reports before the procedure.

    • Find internal information on the employee area.

    • Take pictures, videos or files directly on your report.

    • Scan QR codes, barcodes or identifiers without duplication.

    • And much more!


Are you a customer or partner?

    • Automatically receive your personalized version of the work orders

    • Sign or modify certain fields defined by your provider on a report

    • Search or sort reports through your partner access

    • Download or export the reports in the format that you want


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