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Create a wide variety of comprehensive report templates with advanced, easy-to-use options. We provide the most flexible tools on the market.


Your design, your brand, your colors. Customize PDFs, interfaces and more. It's your platform.


Automatically or manually export, share or download all or selected reports. Create restricted client access, and more.


Create your application with your team space where you can share all your internal information and procedures with your collaborators.

Discover the main features of our platform

A list that also evolves thanks to you! We are happy to add features specific to your industry!

Customized reports

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Create the report format you want! Over 10 different field types, structure elements to categorize, inform or display fields in different ways!

Customised quotes

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Create personalised quotes connected to your database so you can create quotes with your customers or remotely, which they then receive automatically for signature.


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Create databases to manage your customers, suppliers, products and more. Connect them with your quotes, reports or external sources


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Add automatically or manually the GPS positions where your reports are made, then consult on a map your different interventions!

Access control & Conditions

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Create custom access conditions to limit access to certain types of reports, or even certain types of fields within a report.

Filing & Customization

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Create filing categories, classify your reports, customize their appearance, our tools allow you to create the documents platform as you imagine it!

PDF, Excels & Exports

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Export your reports in the desired formats, customize the fields to export, create different PDF report formats for the same report.

Customizable searches

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Customize the search fields to have an optimized and powerful search engine that fits your report types.

Actions & Automatic mailings

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Automate the sending of emails to your customers with your reports, create specific actions for each type of event, you can even call your own APIs!

Archiving and downloading

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Archive or download one or all your reports at once. Your data is easily accessible, downloadable and printable.

Client Accounts

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Create client accounts so that clients can access their reports at any time, via the web or the application.


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Everything is in the cloud! As soon as you send or even start a report, it is accessible both on the web version and on the application, and this by anyone with the necessary access.

Digital signature

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On site or remotely, on the application or the web, offer your customers, partners or colleagues to sign directly or later your intervention reports.

Images, Videos and intervention files

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Take pictures, videos and link specific files to your intervention reports. These will then be integrated into your reports.

Offline mode

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With the offline mode of the applications, your team can complete their reports with peace of mind. The relevant reports can be sent once the network is restored.

API and NoCode

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Connect your reports to your APIs, your preferred NoCode solutions and integrate other tools into your collaboration space!

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